videobar (2011)

Share of Time – Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin
Curator Martin Führbringer

© 2011 by Herwig Hoffmann

(…) Ten artists from two different cultures have come together to do just that in the Cultural Department of the Republic of Korea: share time. To show divided time in the physical state of the artistic work; In the joint design of the exhibition, diversity is revealed. And of course we look forward to the opening – the real-time – the acquaintances that arise, the inspiration and the exotic spices in our thick time cake! Herwig Hoffmann has therefore designed a video bar for the exhibition, which is both: artwork and location anchor for the evening of the opening. (…) Curator Dipl. public Arts Martin Fürbringer

Participants: Daniel Bischoff, Martin Führbringer, Herwig Hoffmann, Philipp Moll, Andrea Sohler, Peter Wendl, Birthe Zimmermann, Yeong-chang Byeon, Eun-yeong Kim, Gwang-ho Sin

it fell of the truck was produced for the videobar

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